week 2 lecture

there are 8 phases of interaction design process. From overview to concrete ideas.

  • error
  • idea
  • metaphor
  • scenario
  • task
  • model
  • repair
  • manipulate

they are linked together under; Invent, Design, Engineer. This is the process we take as a designer. We can use many tools to help use identify problems and create solutions.

we start with very low tech to create our ideas. Sometimes it helps us create and look at different perspectives on solutions. Like our storyboarding we have been using for the past few weeks about making toast, a very simple problem, but it helps us understand and visualise solutions to the problems that we face as a interactive designer.

The bulk of your time should be focused on sketching and getting your designs right.

The context

  • what people are trying to do
  • how they may try to do it
  • what gets in the way or helps
  • where they might being doing it

there is different contexts for use and of use.

e.g. checking a transaction balance via a computer online
compared to
checking your balance via mobile to see you have enough money to purchase products.

Its important that we focus on who will be using the device or interface for, how long they will be using it? and how many people are using it simultaneously. Will it aid the person or will it distract them from their task?


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