Week 3 Lecture

Design Patterns for screens

Do we start designing the mobile screen first?
Since apple do run across all four platforms of screens (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop) it is much easier and smarter to start with the smaller screen first, rather than trying to adapt a big screen design down into a mobile.

Starting from a phone screen forces us to prioritise and think about our general structure of the interface.

Overall patterns are just patterns, they might help fix design solutions or not, sometimes they’re not necessary.

More user interface websites are most likely following a similar pattern. WordPress, wix.com all follow this type of pattern. User interfaces have matured of the years and nothing innovative has come through for a while to further design interfaces.

Common patterns:
– the hamburger menu
the three horizontal parallel lines are recognisable as a menu bar that hides a menu with slide pattern. pretty much used to save space on the screen

  • account registration
    – signing up using a social media accounts or a form that is easy to follow.
  • long scroll
  • card layout (pinterest)
  • hero images
    – fastest way to catch a users attention
  • animation
  • material design
  • responsive design
  • flat design



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