week 4 lecture notes

Instructional Design:

Specific concerns that relate to screen based design.

These design can range from how to use ticket machines, coffee machines. If we have poorly designed instructions than the user would not be able to use the machine.

Ikea are a prime example to use of instructional design, since they sell into a global market, their instructions are completely language free. Furthermore their illustrations are kept clean and simple for easy guidance.
Other examples include such instructions from theexplainers.com, who specialise in creating instructional formats for those who work in special aged care facilities. The staff members use complex machinery with peoples lives at stake, so it is important to get it right.

Cognitive load theory – the way in which we think and how we remember and delivering that information to instruction.

Split attention affect over visual and verbal attention, this can overload a person memory as it would confuse them because of the user trying to marry the image to the text.

Using photography makes the image really unclear to the user as there is too much detail to be looked at.


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