What is instructional/information design?

Informative or instructional design, is where the designer has to think about how to lead/guide users into following certain directions/orders to gain what the designer wants to lead them too.




Domino’s Pizza App


  • the interactive was about an app that allowed users to order pizza from their mobile device or personal computer.
  • Designed for income earners, and on the go users. The “quick order” allows users to order when they are very limited in time in their lifestyle.
  • its digital literacy is standard. the format is legible and can be read easily on mobile screens to PC screens.
  • The user has three main buttons to interact with; “order online”, “quick order”, “pickup”. these buttons lead the user through pages of selection of what pizza, and any additional orders before proceeding to a checkout and tracking page.
  • visual the design seems basic. the type is bold and strong, with it tone of voice being more directive to the user, aided along side bold colours across a dark background. Visual it helps aid users to know what to press. the style is basic but i would say it is user friendly.
  • even though it does display tracking on their order. and allows users to quick order their last order. i would suggest that they place in a “save favourites” section, where users can select a set order that they have saved to process and deliver quicker to the user.